– Given their reformat recommendation and previous comments that the car is very sensitive to the USB stick (and that we had originally downloaded the 4GB update package on a Mac) we reformatted the USB on a Windows 10 computer and unzipped the 4GB update package from Windows 10 directly to the USB. I have a problem where the maps and car details screen on my touch and go are not working, the screen just won’t come up when pressed. I have since many times been in touch with Toyota who believe it was resolved with me being given a car for replacement. Do you have a Toyota Owners account? Hi, I have just purchased a 2015 Verso, I want to upgrade the Touch 2 Go system, it has version 4.3.1L at present, and i am unsure of which item to purchase from the E Store to upgrade the software to the latest version, i believe the software upgrade was released in 2016 and is a lot nicer to use, i talked to a toyota dealer but they did not know what i was talking about, hopefully you can help, Thank You. Using the information in the linked article, I purchased a 3 Year Map Care & Connected Services update to be installed TOA via E-Store. More.. Why update. As you are following all the steps correctly, there must be an issue with the USB stick. Thanks for your query. We would have to advise contacting your local dealership to diagnose this issue. Thank you for your post. I have downloaded the zip file and expanded it to a 16 gig USB stick. So why do I need to pay for this when the car was first registered last September and your web site states that updates are free for the first 3 years? Hi Keith, What am I doing wrong? I have bought Toyota Rav 4 hybrid excel 2.5 ( top of the range) and put almost all the extras possible. On your page i see that for familly MM11 navibox there is update only for version 2.12.5H. We will speak with customer relations and let you know the outcome. Local dealer replaced hardware and reinstall software without any additional cost. If this second attempt is still not successful then you may need to take your car to your local Toyota dealer. Connect the USB stick with the firmware file. Map-Updates help you drive in confidence. How to send directions to your device Upgrading your Toyota Touch® 2 with Go multimedia system will unlock a wealth of new features that will improve your life behind the wheel – giving you better navigation, an easier-to-use interface and connected real-time updates. Hello Rita, If you have not yet registered, select, A button will appear on the left side menu. No change. You have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Click REGISTER, and follow the onscreen instructions to access a … Thanks and best regards…. Can you confirm with us what you’re doing exactly? Manuals and User Guides for Toyota Touch 2 with Go. If not it is a little tricky. So case solved in nice way. Hi Ella, We have passed this by our technical team who have advised visiting your local Toyota dealer to take a look at the problem you are experiencing, http://po.st/fNAll4. He’s been back to the dealers a few times to try and get it upgraded to Plus but hasn’t had any joy with them. Thank you for your post. Hi John, The USB memory should be empty. Thanks for getting in touch. On the entertainment system the MirrorLink is disabled, How can I get it enabled? We recommend speaking directly with our customer relations department so they can investigate this further for you. Mickey Mouse, I agree with you. Thanks. Next you’ll have to put the flash drive into your car’s USB port and wait till the update dialog is shown asking you wherever to start the update. Thanks for your patience. I wanted to know will this alsoupdate my unit software. is there any way to include the sat nav function in the that screen please. = Unzip update package from the Windows machine directly to the USB rather than to a temporary directory that you copy across separately. Additionally, there could some additional complications, e.g. Hi John. Thanks. We would suggest trying several TA volume settings until you get to a satisfactory level (depending how loud you prefers to receive the TA’s). I followed all instructions and Toyota Touch System 2 was able to identify the update, it allows to select regions and individual countries, however when I press start update it shows ‘Radio will reset to complete update’ message and then reboots itself. Thanks for the update. We’d advise contacting our Multimedia team directly. Hi Ella, Thanks for the reply. Hi Andrew, Hi Jarek, Hi Claudia, The navigation system will take the route that it believes is the fastest using the calculations available, this can take some unexpected routes especially when the traffic functions are enabled. Hi Sunil, Hi there, Would be good to get this resolved. Ella, The road network of Europe and Russia is changing all the time. We now see that you’re making some progress. Go grab a coffee. * NOTE: Thanks for getting in touch. Inserting into the vehicle, seems to start the update process which is ongoing. Hi, I purchased the map update on Sunday and now its Tuesday, i can not find the download link anywhere. Thanks for getting in touch. Thanks for your comment and feedback. Toyota call its system Touch & Go which would imply that it's pretty easy to use - you just touch and go. Thanks for getting in touch. When I check the car System Information it gives the current map as 2015v2 version 4.5.0WH. No names etc…. Opened the unzipped folder, selected all files and copied to the open D drive. Keep up with the product information, map changes, premium content and sales arguments. Click on ‘e-Store’, and then scroll down to access the ‘Maps’ section to view available updates for your system. Thank you. As I stated this appears to be up to date. They will provide you with the best quality support for your issue. Hi Ole, Your local dealer can be found here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/world-of-toyota/find-your-dealer.json. Many thanks. Restarted the process this morning. Thank you for your post and feedback. Our technical team have advised that it’s likely you haven’t registered your ‘Device ID’ to your MyToyota account and therefore the system is showing you the latest free update. Hi Norman, There seems to be little difference between the 3 options -fastest, shortest and Eco, I go for the fastest thinking this will keep me on main roads, but no, if it gets a sniff of a single track road – then off we go. When a map update is ready this will be available on your My Toyota portal. 2. We’d recommend speaking with Toyota Italy. Maps are very bad, I would love to switch to Apple CarPlay, but it’s not available either. Hi Chris. But only get the autentification failed message when I try to install ?? If you haven’t yet linked your Toyota Touch 2 with Go system to your MyToyota account, the onscreen prompts will help you to do this. Hi Ella I also have a Touch 2 system in my Toyota Auris Hybrid bought half a year ago(no go system). Alternatively, there is a multimedia helpline: 0344 701 6202. Tried 6 so far – all different sizes and makes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They may not be aware of these speed updates. Your first reply said the car should come with the latest version so how do I obtain this update free of charge? Why is that? I downloaded and tried to update map on Toyota CHR, it’s a joke took ages to update and after that Tocuh2 screen navigation system not coming up at all. Wait until the radio screen comes on 3. Please keep us updated. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. We need them to travel around Europe. However, it takes 18 months to plot/plan and roads are done on a priority basis. I updated to 6.8.1 WL from a a chip sent from my dealer, although somehow I also have a download on my PC which I think came from toyota-tech.eu with an activation code. Bluetooth is disabled. If this is so, I shall have to keep driving for quite a while it seems. Thanks for getting in touch. With checkout complete, click on the ‘Purchases’ area to see your purchased map update and beside the map update are three icons. Thanks. Googling produces nothing. I am having the same problem. Hope this helps! Not even an upgrade option available .. how can i sort this. Thanks for your post. They will be able to clearly show you how to do this. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I picked the perlecent paint and Gen.coat in the hope it would be more durable, but it is not. Thanks for getting in touch. Thanks for the reply. The registration number is DN66KTU. We hope this helps. I am indeed selecting the “Toyota Touch 2 with Go (High)” when using a USB stick. Thanks for getting in touch. Many thanks. I have the settings set to show the speed cameras (which do display) and also to do on-line updates. I would have thought that this is a simple question for your technical team rather than troubling my dealer. It just takes zoom bit of getting used to. We are glad you found our blog helpful. I had this problem with an larger sized stick. We can look into this and ask them to get in touch with you again. Many thanks. Thanks for your feedback and we will pass this on to our technical team. Hi Martin, Some queries, especially more complex ones, do take longer to respond to than others. Hi Steve, We’re sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with updating the software on your C-HR. I’ve always struggled to find instructions on the nuances of the sat nav, especially as new updates come along. Every Mac has a built-in program called Boot Camp that lets you install Windows on your machine. Consult your Toyota Authorised Retailer or go to www.toyota-mapupdates.eu to get the latest update for your Toyota navigation system. It has disappeared. I am trying to install Estore on my Yaris. For further help with this issue, we would recommend contacting our dedicated multimedia team directly. Contents Map update information 3 My sat nav tak Down some very peculiar routes 1 track roads etc when set to fastest routes also tries to take me off m25 only to take me straight back on at same junction it is a touch2 go system any ideas asto what is happening ? Also it shows car speed limits not the correct commercial ones on A roads and dual carriageways !! Updates tend to be made available twice a year. Thanks Thanks for your post. thank for every thing you do for help me. The problem on a Mac is that it writes “hidden” files .DS_Store on all disks/USB sticks when it accesses it and which stores a copy of of directory structure and folders to aid fast searches. This means I have to rewire add my settings again. Hi Tony, Thanks for getting in touch. Also I would have thought that, as we have access to My Toyota and its upgrading system, this would be the route to follow. Many thanks! To be sure your Toyota Yaris always has the latest updates, use the Map Update Toolbox to view and download available updates and content, including complimentary map updates for three years, commencing when the vehicle has traveled 63 miles with the SD card inserted. You should be able to update your maps yourself. You can adjust (e.g. My Toyota tells me there is an update (presumably OS). This was a few years back and maybe things have changed? How will I be informed? I’m considering updating the map on my Touch and Go, but was shocked to find the update costs over £100. Hi Neville Am I expected to log in every week to see if there is an update?…or …. Our technical department have advised the following: can you help We would have to suggest contacting your local Toyota Centre for this information. Do you know where is the problem ? Once again, we’re sorry that you’re disappointed with the navigation system and will pass your feedback on to our wider product team. The new car does have the buttons on the steering wheel etc. Joining makes being an owner easy. Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade a Touch 2 with Go system to Touch 2 with Go Plus. Hi Rachel, How much would this cost? I have a 3 year old toyota Auris that and have never been able to able to update the maps during this periiod. We would advise speaking to your local dealer, they will be able to assist you further! Toyota, Lexus GENERATION 7 with HDD (Toyota Touch PRO 11HDD and Lexus EMV 11HDD) 2020-2021 v1, Toyota and Lexus GENERATION 8 with external unit, Toyota Touch and GO 1 2020 v1, Toyota Touch and GO 1 PLUS 2020 v1, Toyota Touch 2 with Go LOW 2020 v1, Toyota Touch 2 with Go HIGH 2020 v1, bellow list of all systems supported, updating maps for all systems with USB memory stick + activation … We would advise for you to contact our Multimedia Team, as they will be able to assist you further. Except why the heck don’t Toyota GB let owners buy the accessories they want? We would advise going to your nearest dealer for the best fixtures and parts. Now, how do I get that head unit out and replace it with a more modern unit? I have been away. To access all the features of the Toyota Touch & Go system you will need to register at the Toyota website. Ella, for Italy, where i can ask for support? We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised visiting your local Toyota Dealer. Cannot connect to internet with my auris I think this system stinks anyone else have problems. Thanks for your post. However, functions like this should be able to be demoed by local dealers. Please advise me how to update the MAP. Find out more on our website. 8 tr on a 09 plate… Hi Stuart, thank you for taking the time to contact us. In my case I have a 2015 year model Auris Touring sports that is showing software at version 4.4.1WL and map ID 2014v3 and the vehicle had the first service in August 2016 We hope this helps! My navigation system is finally updated; thanks to information from elsewhere on the internet with lots of trial and error. I want pay that also want know INSALLY Sat Nat how much PLEAE not wait let me know. Thanks again, Steve. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know. ** These features can be not included in all units. Thanks for your post. My problem is the same! Once the update is complete, it is advisable to create a new backup of the SD card contents. The satnav is a Touch and Go plus with Software revision 4.3.0H and Map ID 2014v2. Hi Ella, 8. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. We’re sorry that you’ve been experiencing an issue with your multimedia system. Thanks for your post. I went to the E-Store on my Vehicle and there were no Maps available nor anything in the Toyota Online section. Updates can vary depending on your system. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised that you visit your local Toyota Dealer who will be able to help you with this. We would advise going to your dealer for any Sat Nav updates, they will be able to assist further. Thanks for getting in touch. Can you please help me how can I register my toyota Touch 2 unit in my toyota? Hello Stephen, Hi John. Hi I’ve recently bought a new avensis it has touch 2 but I can’tmmirrorlink phone is samsung note 4 How To Use Toyota Real Time Traffic 2020-2021 Toyota Touch & Go, Touch & Go Plus, Touch 2 With Go, Touch 2 With Go Plus Just released latest version 2020-2021 for all Touch & Go units Sat Navigation Map Update UK & Europe I would like to update the maps on my Touch & Go. Can I not just get a new micro-SD card with Europe/UK maps? Please, can you tell me when an update for this is going to be available on the MyToyota website? Upgrading your existing Toyota Touch ® 2 with Go multimedia system will give you the following improved features: The car will not accept the single file. I have the new Touch 2 Go in my Rav 4 andI have purchased the 3 year map updates. Also from what you’re saying it would appear that I have to buy this stick. Very frustrating 40 mins! I wonder though if the files in the USB should be within a folder, as they appear to be when I open the drive in Disk Utility or already open? Ok, I have to add my name to the legions who are totally unimpressed with Toyota’s Online Support and systems.