Monitor movements, the biggest part of learning how to shower with a shower chair safely is not making too many sudden motions. WARNING • DO NOT install or use this equipment without first reading and understanding these instructions . Watch the weight distribution. Exercise caution when assembling the chair to avoid pinching. Sitemap is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Carrier/Invacare for further instructions. Restore luster with Johnson's Pledge or similar spray wax. Non-returnable hygiene item. Failure To Follow Instructions May Result In Injury. To ensure the safe and proper installation of the IVC Heavy Duty Shower Chair, DO NOT install this equipment without first reading and understanding this, instruction sheet. Shower chairs are ideal for persons who have poor balance or are unable to stand long. Winter Warmer Sale! The bench can also serve as an indispensable bathing accessory for the elderly and disabled family members. No (1) Yes (1) Seat Type. Shower chair legs are often made of … Clear the area of any obstruction so you don’t stumble on something or make it fall. Variants and details ; Support info. User Instructions Shower Chair F19054 - Fixed Height Shower Chair G31199 - Fixed Height Mobile Shower Chair G31206 - Height Adjustable Shower Chair Intended Use Ideal for those who cannot stand whilst showering, these shower chairs have built in arm rests for support when sitting or rising. IMPORTANT ! Page 2 Introduction – Aston Shower Commode Chair These instructions aid the user and/or carer about the safe and efficient use of this product, including assembly, cleaning and maintenance, and operation of the product. The legs are height adjustable (normally in 1/2″ increments), therefore, you can lengthen the four legs or just the outside two legs in case there is a height difference between the tub and floor. 1020707 1 SHOWER CHAIR Shower Chair Assembly, Installation and Operating Instructions Model Nos. Ensure that you fully read these instructions before using this product. Find a distributor. Check that the shower chair is standing firmly in place, not allowing it to wobble or slide. Failure to do so may result in injury. Invacare ivc heavy duty shower chair assen, Assembly, Installation and Operating Instructions, NOTE: Check all parts for shipping damage. For the latest up-to-date technical drawings, manuals or any other details please refer … If a DVD accompanies this IFU, please note that the Your Carendo shower and toilet chair is part of a series DVD does not replace the information in this IFU. 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Part No 1145752 1 Shower Chairs Shower Chairs SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: Check ALL parts for shipping damage. 14%. If you are working with an injured or person with a disability, make sure to lead them through the process and leave them enough space for privacy. DO NOT LIFT A RAZ SHOWER COMMODE CHAIR AND OCCUPANT BY THE ARMRESTS OR FOOTRESTS! Part No. Shower chairs should only be installed according to the product label instructions. Category: Instructions for use. The shower chair is designed to provide stable seating for users with reduced mobility who are unable to stand whilst showering. Raz-AT User Manual 5 2017511 USER MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1 Raz-AT Rehab Shower Chair … Always lock the swivel castors before using the chair. Seat Height: 18.25 - 22.25 inches high. Align your level along the line marking the top of the seat (see Fig 1) and adjust the template so that it is level. SAFETY SUMMARY To ensure the safe installation, operation and use of the Shower Chair, these instructions MUST be … Shower Chair Assembly ... and frees you from the hassle of interpreting unclear assembly instructions or keeping track of stray parts and hardware. Assembly Instructions & User Guide T80 & T80 Paediatric Reclining Shower / ommode / Toilet hair Thankyou, for purchasing a Freeway T80 / T80 Paediatric shower chair from our extensive range of shower / commode / toilet chairs. Type: PDF. FOLDING SHOWER SEAT FOLDING SEAT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT DreamLineTM reserves the right to alter, modify or redesign products at any time without prior notice. If any of these conditions exist. DO NOT use solvents. The Raz-AT Shower Chair is NOT intended for use as a transportation device or a long-term seating system. The maximum weight safely held by most shower chairs is 300 lbs. It is a special chair for special use, so you should know how to use a shower chair for a more relaxing shower … Variants and details. Rufus Plus comes flatpacked and is easy to assemble. This adjustable handicap spa bathtub shower seat for adults adjusts from 14" to 19". $299.99 $349.99. How to Use a Shower Chair Correctly and Avoid Getting Hurt, How to Clean Teak Furniture in 2 Easy Steps, Bathing Aids: Make Your Bathroom Safer and Comfortable. A pro will have the right tools and experience to do the assembly quickly, correctly, and safely the first time. The of quality products designed especially for hospitals, IFU contains additional important safety instructions. Best Material for Shower Bench: Wood, Plastic or Marble? A foldable shower chair for the user who needs both a backrest and armrests to sit safely Rufus can be folded up to save space when not in use or when being transported. User Instructions N72255 Children’s Shower Chair General Safety Warning Please ensure these instructions are fully read and implemented. Chiltern Invadex TransAqua Shower Chairs User Guide 4 Disassembly Instructions Attendant Propelled Model Slacken the armrest locking knobs (4) and remove both armrests (5) by lifting Remove the grey securing pins - 2 at the rear (6) and 2 on the lower crossbar at the front (7). Invacare products are specifically designed and manufactured for use in con-, junction with Invacare accessories. Shower Chairs (10) Retail Box. The shower bench (also known as shower chair) is one of the exceptional accessories you can consider investing in at home. Add to Cart. Page 5: Intended Use The equipment is intended for indoor use. Place safety mats and towels, never step on bare surfaces with wet feet, it can lead to slips quickly. NOTE: Casters and PVC mesh back must be checked and secured prior to using the shower chair. Mobile Shower Commode Chair ... Safety instructions for use. Place seat upside down on a stable … Rufus plus shower chair has a capacity of 200 kg (441 Ibs). 2. DO NOT use if Shower Chair is wobbly or unstable. ASSEMBLING THE SHOWER CHAIR ATTACHING THE LEGS NOTE: For this procedure, refer to FIGURE 1. A shower chair must be sturdy and used as directed on the packaging so that safety isn’t compromised. Two legs of the transfer bench should be placed inside the bathtub and two legs on the outside. 10% off with code: Winter10. Contact carrier/dealer for further instruction. Accessories designed by other manufac-, turers have not been tested by Invacare and are not recommended for use. Polyethylene (1) Separate Back Available. Folding Shower Seat SHST-01-TK/PL manual– Ver 2 Rev 2 01/2016 6 Figure 2 Figure 1 LEVEL Folding Seat Installation Instruction 1. Instructions for Use: Do Not Attempt To Adjust Or Use Your Shower Chair Without Reading All Instructions Carefully. The soft back support shapes to the users back. stable before using. What is the best wood to use in a shower? Retain these instructions in a safe place for future reference. NOTE: Refer to WARNINGS in the SAFETY SUMMARY of this instruction sheet. Always lock the wheels of the rear castors before using the roll chair. In case of shipping damage, DO NOT use. The bench is used for sitting while taking a shower; it can also be used to place bathing items within your reach. For Model No. Instructions for care and use of a cane. If you are unable to understand the warnings, cautions and, instructions, contact a healthcare professional, dealer or technical personnel, if applicable, before attempting to install this equipment - otherwise, injury or. Is Amazon actually giving you the best price? Shower Chair with Padded Swivel Seat Instructions Shower Chair with Padded Swivel Seat Specifications: Seat Size: 17.25 inches wide, 16 inches deep. Care Instructions: PVC Piping and Casters Wipe down piping with non-abrasive cleanser. USERS SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED IN A RAZ SHOWER CHAIR. If shipping damage is noted, DO NOT use. Enjoy Free Shipping & browse our great selection of home furniture and more! Your email address will not be published. In case of damage, DO NOT use. When using the chair, the following safety instructions must be observed: Danger of slipping! See More: HomCom 72" Traditional Colonial Standing Kitchen Pantry Cupboard Cabinet - White. This video showcases the Moen premium shower chairs that allows the elderly as well as any who needs it a chair they can use in the shower. maintenance in this IFU. To ensure the safe and proper installation of the IVC Heavy Duty Shower Chair, these instructions MUST be followed: WARNING DO NOT install this equipment without first reading and understanding this instruction sheet. 180 lb (1) 225 lb (1) 250 lb (7) 300 lb (14) 325 lb (2) 330 lb (1) 350 lb (3) 375 lb (4) 400 lb (4) 425 lb (1) see more; Shower Chair/Benches (118) Sort By: Best Match . The Shower Chair with Padded Swivel Seat helps caregivers increase bathroom safety and comfort for users with limited mobility. Users with limited physical capabilities should be supervised or assisted when, Shower Chair is NOT to be used as a transfer bench, transfer device or, These Shower Chairs (Models 9781 and 9780) have a weight limitation of 400. Teak Shower Mats – Best to have in the bathroom, Bathroom Safety for Elderly: 10 Safety Statistics That Will Shock You, PVC Shower Chair: Top 10 Plastic Bath Seat Reviews And User Guide, Bath Chair For Disabled Adults: [Best 10] Transfer Seats For Handicapped, Folding Shower Chair: 10 Best Foldable Seats For Showering And Bathing, Heavy-Duty Shower Chair: Best 10 Benches With 400+ lbs Weight Capacity, Bamboo Shower Bench: The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Bathroom Seats. Find computer desk, office chair, recliner massage furniture, cabinet, kitchen cart at HomCom Official Website. 9781, put backrest to the side and refer to Installing/Removing the Backrest on page 3 after attaching and adjusting the legs. Instructions for care and use of a bath shower chair (bath stool) Instructions for care and use of a bath tub grab bar (tub grip) Instructions for care and use of a bed assist (bed handle) Instructions for care and use of a bed cradle. Instructions for care and use of a commode (stationary or wheeled) The static models (F19054 & G31199) are suitable for use on a shower tray whilst the mobile models (G31199 & L64488) are ideal for wet rooms. IMPORTANT ! This product should only be used with tub floors wider than 16-inches. File name: 04.BO.01_17EN.pdf. Check leg tips for rips, tears, cracks or wear. Place the Installation template against the wall at the desired height. Please ensure that all the accessories you ordered have arrived with your chair, and all accessories are free from any damage. The shower chair is the best choice for them to be used as a resting place while taking a shower. The seat can be adjusted in height and also be set with aslight anterior tilt which facilitates standing up. When using the chair, the following safety instructions must be observed: Danger of slipping! Make sure that the legs are level and in contact with the floor. Before using, check to be sure the seat is securely pressed into the seat frame. To facilitate standing up, the seat can be set with a slight anterior tilt. NA (1) No (21) Yes (7) Unit Compatibility. Gather all you are going to need so you can reach it without standing up while showering. Adjust the height of the chair so you can sit and stand up easily, especially if you suffer from frequent back pain. best sellers. Remove all contents from the package. Always inspect the Shower Chair to ensure that it is properly positioned and. 6358 SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: Check ALL parts for shipping damage. 1. Medline Bath Seats (1) Weight Capacity Pounds. Although this depends on the status of the … Carino Instructions for use. (136 kg). Avoid sitting on the edge of the chair if you don’t have too. This little known plugin reveals the answer. Use a slip-resistant mat both beneath the chair and beneath your feet. This is to prevent the chair from rolling away. 2. Contact. The GreenChief tall shower chair is suitable to all, whether they are tall or short adults, you'll be able to adjust it to the height that best suits you. If casters are used in wet environments, keep lubricated with white lithium paste or similar lubricant; remove hair and mop … Commode/shower wheel chair A shower and commode wheel chair is a combination of both applications. Before using, check to be sure the seat is securely pressed into the seat frame. All four (4) leg tips MUST be in contact with shower/tub floor at all times. Contact Carrier/Dealer for further instruction.