if(code.trim() == '' ){ Native to Mexico, the ghost plant can turn bright yellow-pink shades in full sun. } Succulents can also change colors based on a variety of factors but I know you’re here to find out why your succulents are turning purple or pink. display: block !important; Continue reading and we’ll outline the reasons for you! Leaves are turning yellow and dropping. Keyboard Keys Not Working. They come in green, red, dark purple, blue, pink—pretty much every color imaginable. If you have succulent leaves turning pink and falling off then this can be caused by either overwatering and the leaves can start dropping or by intense heat. Yes, as much as succulents are termed as hardy with a tolerance for extreme conditions, not all of them can bare the combination of frost and low temperatures. Once again this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as many people will do this to produce more vibrant colors but you still have to be sure you don’t sunburn your succulent is the process. Beautiful plants bundled in moss make an arrangement you can take apart and give away after your party, A garden designed to be viewed from above gets new drought-tolerant, wildlife-friendly plantings, Take a bright container, add a colorful succulent or two and have a professional, summery design in minutes, These gorgeous, easy-care succulents are ideal plants for container gardens, These low-growing succulents create interest in the drought-tolerant garden. Ask the Expert: succulent leaves dropping and turning yellow Worried for my succulent plant. Succulents such as Sedum nussbaumerianum need bright sunlight all day in order to maintain their bright colors.When grown in the shade or in areas that don’t get bright light all day, such as indoors, they will slowly fade to green. Succulents need bright sunlight all day or at least 6 hours a day to become “stressed” and display their bright colors. ga('send', 'pageview'); Of course this also depends on the variety of succulent you have, but in general you will see darker colors like blue or purple when succulents are exposed to cool temperatures, even if it’s just left out over night. So if your succulent has been getting more light than usual and has turned pink then there is nothing to worry about and at worst you can just reduce the amount of sunlight it gets. '); border: none !important; They don't necessarily need more light but they could use it. .woocommerce-product-gallery{ opacity: 1 !important; } It has a powdery white coating called pruinose that gives it a “ghosty” appearance. The plant tends to reabsorb as much energy from the leaves as possible before dropping them, so unless you find this very unsightly, you can leave them on until they fall off by themselves. If you look around at photo's here, you should see a lot of Succulents have healthy pink tinges on them. Rotting can change the feature of the plant especially the color. (function(a,d){if(a._nsl===d){a._nsl=[];var c=function(){if(a.jQuery===d)setTimeout(c,33);else{for(var b=0;b