motorcycle accident study indicates that accidents that occur on bends tended to peak in the afternoon or early evening, and at the weekends on a Sunday, suggesting that these accidents could be associated with recreational riding. 95% of the members in the American Motorcyclist Association are men. Motorcycle Statistics on Aging Riders. Deaths of ATV riders on public roads have increased nearly ninefold since 1982, the first year they were explicitly identified in FARS. For Harley-Davidson, there are 4 core demographics that are being targeted for growth: women, the 18-34 age demographic, African-Americans, and Hispanics. Motorcycles, by their nature, are more vulnerable than most vehicles on the road. 25. Motorcycle deaths have come under increased attention because other types of non-motorcycle fatalities have decreased, so motorcycle fatalities became an increased share of deaths. The number of motorcycle riders involved in road accidents decreased from 29,523 in 2003 to 19,204 in 2017 – a decrease of 34%. There were 573,000 new motorcycles sold in 2015, up slightly from the prior year, but sales are expected to have declined around 2.1% in 2016. The average length of riding season: 10 months. On-road riding happens 2x more often than off-road riding with the average motorcycle. #11. Even so, compared with people driving cars, motorcycle drivers face a much higher risk of dying in a crash: U.S. government data from 2013 show that for every mile traveled that year, the number of motorcycle-related deaths was 26 times the number of car-related deaths [source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety], with a total of 4,381 motorcycle fatalities. Motorcycles have come a long way since 1885, when Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach built the first one in Germany. 12. And although its sales are slipping, Harley maintains a 55.1% share of the 35 and older male rider demographic. On-road and dual-purpose motorcyclesmust meet federal and state certification standards and belicensed (registered) for use on public roadways, althoughlight powered two-wheel vehicles with engines smallerthan 50cc, known as mo… Called the reitwagen, or riding car, its engine had 0.5 horsepower and a top speed of 11 kilometers per hour. In 2018, there were 38 motorcyclist fatalities and in 2017/2018, 1,312 motorcycle riders were compensated by the TAC for injuries involving an acute hospital admission. Another 16% have gone on to study post-graduate work. Wyoming, with 7.0 motorcycles per 100 people, has the most. Motorcycle safety is the study of the risks and dangers of motorcycling, and the approaches to mitigate that risk, focusing on motorcycle design, road design and traffic rules, rider training, and the cultural attitudes of motorcyclists and other road users.. Nothing screams Americana more than a motorcycle that is waiting to conquer the open road. His coverage reflects his passion for motorcycles, booze, and guns (though typically not all exercised at the same time), but his writing also covers the broader sectors of consumer goods, technology, and industrials. Chart by author. The III also found that annual bike … 73% of the accident-involved motorcycle riders used no eye protection. The average Canadian motorcyclist is in 13.5 times more danger than a car driver. • There is a similarity between riders aged 21 to 24 and 25 to 30, as both groups have similar KSI figures. So what is going on? The average rider is not 100% decked-out in safety equipment nor 100% graduated from rider training. In 1990, the average age of a rider was 32. Another 60% of owners say they do as much maintenance work as they are able to complete. More than 1.5 billion miles are covered by motorcycles every year. It’s no wonder why households are embracing this vehicle as a way to enjoy life. Since 1980, motorcycle ownership among riders aged 40 and over has increased dramatically, from 15.1 percent of all riders in 1980 to 43.7 percent in 1998. 60% of the motorcycle fatalities in 2012 involved rides between the ages of 46-65, a change in the demographics as most fatal crashes have historically involved younger riders. In 2019, the total expenditure on motorcycles in the UK was £599 million. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety-Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS-HLDI), the federal government says that for every mile covered in 2016, the total number of reported deaths resulting from motorcycles was almost 28 times than that of cars. Married riders comprise 61% of motorcycle owners, up from 57% in 1990. It's also part of the reason Harley introduced its Street 500 and 750 models, and Polaris came out with its Scout and Scout Sixty models to appeal to these riders newer to the market. Although bike makers have struggled to recover from the financial-market meltdown a decade ago, here are 13 additional facts from the Motorcycle Industry Council that will blow you away. Claim: A motorcyclist killed in a crash in Florida in 2020 was listed as a COVID-19 death. The average age of a motorcycle rider in the United States is 47. 71% of motorcycle owners state that they have taken at least one motorcycle training course during their lifetime. Only 19 states and the District of Columbia mandate helmet use by all riders. US citizens over the age of 50 control 77% of the total net worth in the United States. Motorcycle riding is fun and exciting, regardless of your bike and riding style. 24. New Hampshire comes in second at 17 people for every motorcycle owned. Otherwise if their core customers end up with an economic hardship, the industry is going to struggle as well. Because riders risk more serious injuries compared to drivers, motorcycle riders should practice defensive driving. The leading cause was often bikers attempting to overtake each other. It may be one of the most telling figures in why Harley is struggling; its core customer of middle-aged males has fallen from 94% of the motorcycle-owning population in 2009 to 86% in 2014. In fact, although motorcyclists make up only a small segment of registered vehicles, they account for almost 18% of all traffic fatalities. To keep everyone safe, we urge drivers and motorcyclists to share the road and be alert, and we're reminding motorcyclists to make themselves visible, to use DOT-compliant motorcycle helmets, and to always ride sober. The good news is, YOU can choose to be 100% covered in all these areas. The average age of a motorcycle rider in the United States is 47. Try our corporate solution for free! After 20 years of patrolling the mean streets of suburbia, he hung up his badge and gun to take up a pen full time. Even though California topped all states in new bike sales, because it is also the most populous state, its sales work out to just 2.9 bikes per 100, below the national average of 3.2 bikes per 100 people. However, more troubling for the industry is the decline in riders under 18, which has fallen from 8% in 1990 to 2%, and those between 18 and 24 from 16% of the total down to 6%. 80% of the motorcycles owned in the US have windshields and either a luggage carrier or a saddlebag. And the day when 100% of motorcycles have ABS and traction control will probably never arrive. Cumulative Growth of a $10,000 Investment in Stock Advisor, 12 Motorcycle Statistics That'll Floor You @themotleyfool #stocks $HOG $HMC $PII $BAMXF $YAMHF $SZKMF, Harley-Davidson Narrows Its Electric Motorcycle Vision, but Remains Committed to the LiveWire, Harley-Davidson Hunkers Down as It Axes Factory-Backed Racing Teams, Why Harley-Davidson Stock Jumped 34% in October. The Injured persons and Motorcycle riders involved counts are estimates and have been rounded to the nearest 1,000. Go also shared the total number of injured motorcycle riders and passengers for 2016, which reached an astounding 28,694 for in all. Motorcycles made up 14% of all traffic deaths in 2017, according to the NHTSA . Baby Boomers outnumber Millennials as motorcycle owners at a 4-to-1 ratio. Yet Harley reported at the end of January, and 2016 U.S. sales fell 3.9% and were down globally 1.6%. This is significantly high when compared to car accidents which have a 6% accident rate on bends. Sales volumes are nearly $1,000 higher per average transaction when owners feel like they’ve had a satisfying experience with their dealer. The wind in your hair, the open road, and adrenaline make each ride a unique experience. Think an article needs a correction? The consumer price index (CPI) of motorcycles was highest in 2019 at 105 – a 30% increase on 2007’s CPI value of 81. Primarily, statistics on bike gear and crashes have a significant impact on how weary some riders are. Of these, 53% of motorcycle riders killed in 2018 and 48% of those hospitalised in 2017/2018 were aged over 40. Market data powered by FactSet and Web Financial Group. The Injured persons and Motorcycle riders involved counts are estimates and have been rounded to the nearest 1,000. Nearly half [47%] of the motorcycles that are owned are some form of touring bike. In 1990, the average age of a rider was 32. Harley-Davidson dominates the motorcycle market, but names like Honda and BMW are also major contributors. 71% of motorcycle owners state that they have taken at least one motorcycle training course during their lifetime. Major Causes of Deaths in Motorcycle Accidents. In 2014, US consumers purchased 484,000 motorcycles, which was a 3.8% increase over figures from the previous year. The motorcycle riders involved in accidents are essentially without training; 92% were self-taught or learned from family or friends.